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Friday, January 08, 2010

Young Buck Disses G-Unit?

The question mark is in place not because it wasn't expected, but because I wonder what the relevance of this diss is right now?  If you don't know, Young Buck is currently signed to G-Unit and owes 50 Cent one more album.  Earlier this year DJ Whoo Kid did an interview with Buck when he called in, and according to many people listening 50 Cent wasn't very fond of the interview.  On Jan 1st Young Buck dropped what has been one of many G-Unit disses, and we have to wonder how many are left.  I know for sure all this doesn't really help Buck and his direction and motives are in question if you ask me.  Heck I might be upset if I was him also, but I would do make sure my paperwork was good before I went off on a insulting rampage...

Here is a direct link to RapBasement for those of you who want to listen to all 3 of Young Buck's disses that are currently released in 2010.

Buck Disses 50 Cent/G-Unit For 3rd Time | Young Buck | Rap Basement

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