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Monday, September 26, 2011

The Mecca of Rhymes: Interview

Here is an interview that is long overdue with The Mecca of Rhymes.  A talented artist with a lot of potential and projects in the works, check out this interview to learn more about The Mecca of Rhymes...

Where are you from?

Eastside of Greensboro, North Carolina

Why a name like The Mecca of Rhymes?

When people refer to a center of interest they sometimes refer to is as "The Mecca of" for example, some people may say NY is "The Mecca of Fashion or The Mecca of Street Basketball.  I feel since I'm very versatile as an artist and can rap in just about any style or subject matter etc.  I wanted to have a powerful name and The Mecca of Rhymes was something that fit.  I was actually given that name in Junior High School by a friend.

How long have you been rapping?

I wrote my first rap in 1998, but didn't record my first solo album until 2006 and from there is when I really began to take it serious.

Why should people listen to Mecca? What makes you unique?

I like to make what I always call reality rap.  I rap about personal life situations, struggles and just the everyday life of a normal person that most people can relate to.  I try to put a message into my music as well and turn a negative into a positive, but I think anyone that enjoys dope Hip Hop music with dope content, and dope beats will enjoy my material.

I read that you have opened up for some very big acts, which venue was the craziest so far?

It's funny because we have these top wildest concert stories, they included The Wild Hare in Chicago, The Rave in Milwaukee, and a few more but THE wildest venue so far would have to go to The View in Louisville, KY performing with Wiz Khalifa.  I think that was the most fun we've had even up until now.

What are some projects that you have released or are currently working on?

I released "Revenge of the Words" in early 2010; next we released our FSM (Flight School Music) compilation "First in Flight, Last to Land" shortly thereafter.  In between we worked on solo projects, features, and stuff like that.  The next FSM project should drop before the year is out and I plan on dropping an EP hopefully in November.

Who are some of your favorite rappers?

Nas, AZ, Common, Andre 3000, Jay-Z, Biggie

What is your one goal to achieve in Hip Hop?

I just want to make timeless music and be an inspiration to someone.  Hopefully one day they can say I'm their favorite rapper and I inspired them to do something positive or helped them overcome something through my music.

Where are your next shows and what dates?

Can't remember the dates off top, all show dates can be found on

Any words of wisdom for the readers?

Follow your dreams, never give up and stay positive...and never make a permanent solution for a temporary problem.

To check out music from The Mecca of Rhymes, tour dates, etc. please click on the links below.


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