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Monday, April 20, 2009

Rick Ross Disses Eminem's Swag

I know this article came out a few days ago, but I just got a chance to read it and boy does Rick Ross sound kinda dumb. First off, Rick Ross and his opinion's are starting to make less and less sense by the week. The calling of 50 cent as monkey is boring me to death, and his logic just doesn't seem very smart. Now this article comes out about how Rick doesn't like Eminem's swag? As stated in Rap Basement, Eminem has always dropped a comedic first single targeted at Hollywood and mainstream American Celebrities. If Officer Ricky didn't know that about Mr. Mather's then he probably also didn't know Eminem doesn't take to kindly to having small jabs taken at him. We all know Eminem will never shy away from a battle, and the angle Rick Ross is taking, Eminem might have to give this guy a punch in the face. Oh, on a side note Rick Ross's album drops tuesday and I'm very interested to see his album sales. This is what the beef was about right? Or were they just going back and forth for the heck of it? At this point I really don't care but I know Ross vs 50 will have forums, and comment's everywhere within the next 2 weeks.


  1. I am so sick and tired of Ross right now. It seems the masses are too. Everyday for the past 2 weeks was another video from him. Him saying some kinda crap. When I heard the Em comments it just shows his hubris. Its a sad day when people believe their own hype that badly. He thinks 50 not responding is something good for him, people has lost interest in him and with Roth on sale today (4/20) it looks bleek for him. Lotta frat boys who'll but Roth over Ross

  2. Man i still need to check out Roth's album, but i do agree that Ross is way too involved with himself. He keeps on coming off as ignorant and he clearly has lost this beef. Don't get me wrong I like good music, but this whole beef hasn't had any good music, and on top of that 50 cent has destroyed Ross's public image. What's funny is people got at 50 a few years back for being an informant or snitch. These guys give us some good gossip, but let's hope they focus on the music some in the process, I'm getting bored outta my mind lol.


  4. What really is pathetic is the fact that rick ross could only make club bangers he can never diss nobody Lyrically. fat cheeseburger eating faggot want to go at a White MC! you should b ashame of yourself. you need to go to bally total fitness and lose some weight. Rick Ross Just killed Hip hop. Eminem Is Da Hardest, HANDS DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. oh and Btw you are the biggest but not boss. you the biggest nigga we've seen thus far.

  6. ı lıke rıss ross ıs musıc ıs good

  7. Rick Ross is fucking WACK . every track has that boring ass flow that repeats and repeats. Type of shit that put you to sleep . And although 50s disses weren't all that this time around I don't think he really needed to make much of an effort because Ross is that weak . Like eminem or not he will murder anyone in a battle I don't care who it is that white boy can battle . Lloyd Banks killed Ross on Officer Down , and the 50 cent cartoons were hilarious . Now puffy trying to compare Ross to biggie that dude is crazy , puff just pissed cause he out the lime light . If he was smart he'd get that fat gravy (dude who played biggie in the movie) before he'd get Ross . Gravy can at least battle

  8. i think Ross disses Eminem because he is becoming forgoten. also his music is boring. Eminem is a living legend. he should respect him.

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