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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Nova Rockafeller - RUN EDM (Free Mixtape Download)

Wassup up good people, I got a chance to interview Elle D/Nova Rockafeller about a lot of stuff going on with her, and her Hip Hop story.  In this post we get free music, crazy stories, and learn about a lady who is looking to accomplish a lot in this rap game.  Check it out...

Are you Elle D or Nova Rockafeller?

Elle Dirty D was someone I came up with when I was like 18...  She was a lot like Lil Kim and eventually it just wasn't me anymore.  That bitch is dead, in Montreal...  Hindu Kish (Osa and Loe Pesci) decided to change my name and I just went with it.  Nova is my real name so Nova Rockafeller just fells like home.

How long have you been rapping for?

I've been rapping for six years and making beats for two years.

What/Who are your influences in music?

Who? Classified, Eternia, Sweatshop Union, Lupe Fiasco, Gangstar.  What? The belief that I am capable of doing whatever I put my mind to.  Thank elementary school for that one.  I rap because it comes naturally.

Who would you compare your style to?

I don't think there's anybody like me... although I've been compared to Foxxy Brown and Eternia a lot.. that's just because they're female rappers.

I've heard your getting into battle rapping, why that route?

Battle rap is just as real as it gets.  It's calling out another emcee to prove that you're better.  Some cats are putting up as much as $1000 against each other.  Egos talk.  It's an underground movement and it's really just getting the word out about North America's underground rap.  It just feels like something I need to be a part of now.

How many battles have you done?

Zero.  I will battle when the time is right.

Any memorable battle moments?

I've been mentioned in both KOTD and Grindtime battles.  Sometimes it really sucks but it comes with the territory.  I'm one of the only females involved in battle rap and I've made my share of mistakes.  It's all getting a little old though.

There has been word out there that Moodswangz called you out, is there any reason for this and why has there been no battle?

Moodswangz called me out because he wanted the publicity.  I've heard that it's normal for girls to get jealous like that sometimes.  I ended up accepting the battle after KOTD got at me on a serious tip wanting to set it up... and then he decided to pull some diva bitch move and demand a flight, $1500, hotel... It doesn't work like that.  He's not The Saurus.  Moodswangz is a bitch.

What is the rap scene like in Edmonton?

It's growing.  This last year I've been noticing a tone of cats really going at rap on a business tip.  Someone from my city is going to blow real quick.  I compiled a mixtape of some of the city's best.  It's a free download: RUN EDM MIXTAPE LINK (CLICK HERE)

With Drake's success from Toronto is there even a bigger market for Hip Hop in Canada?

Drake became American so fast after becoming successful that you didn't even really have a chance to look twice.  Much love to Drake for doing it big.  but latching on to cats like Lil Wayne?  Drake's lyrical capacity and music quality are above that.  At least we have a Canadian rapper sitting at the top though.  To answer the question though.. no..  In Canada Hip Hop is still growing as a whole along with it's market.  I also don't think Drake's sound represents the Canadian swag.  I think once Classified hits the Drake level there will be a bigger market for Canadian Hip Hop.

What are some projects we can expect in the future?

I just released the RUN EDM mixtape.  It's 15 tracks of Edmonton's best with yours truly on seven of them.

I'm also currently working on a 5 track project with a producer from London named J Frank.  It's going to be a chill skateboard rap.. as Canadian as it gets.  With features from Loe Pesci, The Saurus, and hopefully Jordon Croucher I'm hoping it will get some love.

As far as a debut album goes.. it's coming.  I fell the need to get my name out a bit more before I drop 'Insufficient Funds'.  I just haven't hit Canada hard enough yet.

Why should people buy a Elle D/Nova Rockafeller album?

I'm Hungry.

Now I heard there was an incident during a show with RA THE RUGGEDMAN, can you clear up any rumors regarding that incident?

I just want to say that I drank an entire watergun full of tequila that night thanks to one of Edmonton's local rap groups.  We made out on stage..  one of my greeazier moments I guess.  Legitimate diss and I've learned my lesson.  I just wish it would stop following me around.  Nothing happened beyond what the youtube video shows.  People need to get over it.  He actually caught wind of the 1826 posts to date thread about me on and hit me up on myspace telling me to keep my head up.  Apparently behind the ruggedness he has a soul!

Any words you want to give to the people?

I've been really misunderstood by the Hip Hop scene as a whole but that's okay.  It happens, I just want a chance to show people who I really am so listen to my music . 


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