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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Jay-Z vs Nas vs Eminem

Before people start throwing rumors out there, these men are NOT beefing. Jay-Z was interviewed this week and spoke out about why he hasn't responded to The Game, or Jim Jones. According to Jay-Z, he doesn't see either one of these two men as competition and only see's lyrical beasts like Nas and Eminem worth mentioning as competition. Is Jay afraid of The Game. or is he smart enough now to not get involved in petty beef anymore? Maybe a grown man look?

Jay-Z Says Only Competition Is Nas & Eminem | Jay Z | Rap Basement


  1. jay z is so overated man, nas murdered him, eminem murdered him on his on sh*t n the game would go at him hard, best 4 jay 2 keep out of this 1. peace

  2. Hella misleading title for this article/glorified sentence.

  3. jay doesn't have shit on nas and especially not on eminem. eminem has ended careers and would finish jay-z's.

  4. 1 nas 2 eminem 3 jay z


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