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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Dee-1: Interview

Two weeks ago I posted a song from Dee-1. The track that was sent to me was fire and I wanted to interview him to understand his perspective and direction as an artist. Here is the interview with Dee-1 and I appreciate him for taking time out to answer my questions. Check the interview below:

1. What does the name Dee-1 mean, and how did it come about?

Two meanings: I started rapping when I attended LSU. A Division 1 (D1) university... and also, I'm THEE one God chose to reach people in the unique way I can, but since my name is David, i changed the "TH" to a "D" ... Thus: Dee-1.

2. What inspired you to get into hip hop?

Being bored while in college, lol.

3. Who were your favorite artists growing up?

 Nas, DMX, Cash Money Records, No Limit Records, and Lauryn Hill.

4. A lot of artists lose track of why they get into music. What keeps you motivated and driven in accomplishing your goals in music, and what are those goals?

I'm in this industry on assignment, so I have to constantly remember that. I'm here to motivate others to recognize and then fulfill their #MissionVision for their own lives, while entertaining them with awesome hip hop. I stay motivated because there's always someone who needs motivation, and I'm honored to have been given the gifts that will allow me to reach them.

5. The song that kinda put you on the map is Jay, 50, and Weezy. What was the thought process of creating that song? 

I was teaching middle school at the time and I knew the kids were super influenced by the hip hop artists that were running the game, so I wrote the song as a call to action for those artists to re-assess their purpose of why they rap.

6. What has been a challenge for you as you grow in the industry?

Finding the right team and not watering down my message have been the hardest things for me.

7. We all know about the Cash Money/Young Money opportunity. Were you a fan of that movement in the 90's and early 00's? How difficult was it to turn them down?

I was a huge fan, i wanted to be the 5th Hot Boy! It wasn't difficult though, because I believe in energy, and the energy just wasn't consistent with mine over there

8. When it comes to values I haven't listened to too many artists with a positive message, and consistency with that message. How do you stay grounded?

Its my faith in God and the fact that I come from a family full of nice, humble people.

9. What challenges would you give artists out there now?

Be yourself.

10. Tell us a little about the inspiration behind Mission Vision?

It's a lifestyle, literally. Its a commitment to 3 things:

1. An ever-growing relationship with God.
2. Using your skills and talents to create a better existence for you and your loved ones.
3. In everything you do: be Real. be Righteous. be Relevant. 

11. Race, religion, and politics are topics that in my opinion are the core to 90% of the world's issues. I'm a huge believer that this is because of education. What is your take on this opinion? Why? 

True. People perish from a lack of knowledge. That's why I feel like a rapper and a teacher at the same time.

12. Do you have anything you want to share with our audience?

My debut single "Against Us" is on iTunes NOW. Go cop it! It's awesome. And my EP "3's Up" drops top of 2015. Get ready. I'm more focused than ever.

Below are links to Dee-1's music:

Also, here is the song Against Us which I posted up a few days ago and its fire!


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