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Monday, November 09, 2009

Eminem's New Movie

Word out is that Eminem will have a horror movie coming out, and the cool part is that it might be in 3-D.  Now I don't have too much information but as I did from reading the article from HipHopDX there were a few things they did mention.  The title of the movie is supposed to be called "Shady Talez", there should be a comic book series which is supposed to come before or after the movie, and Em has the producer from Will Smith's "I Robot" film involved.  Now it has been a very eventful year for Slim Shady with a rap album, video game, concerts, press appearances, and a few features but this move back into Hollywood will be an interesting one indeed.  If you've forgot, Eminem had a movie called 8 Mile which came out and was critically acclaimed, so when it comes to art there is no question that this will be a good movie...

HipHopDX article: Click Here

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