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Saturday, November 07, 2009

The Carter Documentary

The trailer is here for The Carter Documentary and for me it doesn't give much substance but it does get me wondering.  This decade we haven't really had that one rapper who get's to everyone emotionally, and for some reason after seeing this I feel like Lil Wayne might be that rapper.

The decade of the 90's was a different era of Hip Hop as was the 80's, but here at the end of the 00's I feel like it's safe to say that based on consistency this is the decade of Lil Wayne.  His album sales combined might not be more than a single rapper's album, but the amount of work, dedication, commitment, & overall art work has Wayne in a league of his own.  One of the few rappers who is commercially challenging the borderlines of Hip Hop, Lil Wayne has made headlines, hits, controversy, and peace all with his words.  He might not be the sharpest person in the game, or the most educated, but he knows his art. 

Eminem might be the 2Pac of this decade hands down, and Jay has been here for a minute, but this Carter might have pushed his way into the league of the greatest of all time.

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