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Monday, November 30, 2009

Lil Wayne: Rebirth (Tracklisting)

I know this is waaaaaaaaaaaay to late and I apologize.  I had a good Thanksgiving and was a little sick before, but it really hit me on Friday.  The one thing I really wanted to post but I  missed was the Lupe mixtape, which I myself haven't even had a chance to hear yet.  Once I get my hands on it, then I will post it here, until then here is some news that came out over the past few days.  Lil Wayne has his album cover and tracklisting which dropped last week, and a confirmed Eminem collaboration is on there so that should be very exciting. 
The image and tracklisting are straight from HipHopDX

1. American Star - Lil Wayne, Shanell aka SNL
2. Prom Queen - Lil Wayne, Shanell aka SNL
3. Ground Zero
4. Da Da Da
5. Paradice
6. Get A Life
7. On Fire
8. Drop The World - Lil Wayne, Eminem
9. Runnin - Lil Wayne, Shanell aka SNL
10. One Way Trip - Lil Wayne, Kevin Rudolf
11. Knockout - Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj
12. The Price Is Wrong

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  1. album leaked...


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