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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Jadakiss has #1 Hiphop/R&B Album

I haven't really been following record sales for a while since most of them are very low. With low record sales musicians and labels have spread the blame back and forth. This week though I wanted to highlight Jadakiss's accomplishment of having the top album in Hip hop with around 135,000 albums sold. Now we all know Jadakiss has been around for years, but what stood out to me in this number was that Jada didn't have a hit record nor did he have a crazy marketing campaign. I did see his album get a few commercials on MTV and a lot of interviews of his online. Has Jadakiss tapped into a new marketing strategy? Did he just get lucky? Or have record labels found out a new way to push there artists. Let me know what you think.

Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 4/12/2009 | Hip Hop News >


  1. I think the thing about Jadakiss selling "so much" isn't really surprising. It just people showing they are in need of real music again. Every now and then you hear the argument about hip hop being commercialized and its all about the hook and catchy sing along rhymes (and that damn autotune. It seems people have grown tired of all these recycled stuff and need real music again.

    I sense the artform is heading for a revival. It will happen because of several points.

    1. Lil Wayne and the rift with DJ's are going to cause a retaliation and his popularity is going to wane.

    2. Asher Roth is going to sell a HUGE amount of records. Another "white" rapper comes and saves hip hop.

    3. The fact that people have less to spend these days are going to force the record companies to spend less. So they will have to rely on the artists themselves to carry their own hype mostly. If their lyrics/style can't make it...they will fail.


  2. did he get lucky?... r u dumb? jada is the best out, he deserves to sell that many his whole album is fire

  3. lol idk bout jada being the best out, but it is VERY impressive to sell cds these days, especially without exposure. A lot of rapper's deserve to sell a lot but it usually doesn't happen.


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