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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Juvenile: Cocky & Confident (Album Review)

One of the few albums in 2009 I was actually anticipating and to honestly tell you the truth, Juvenile has some interesting material this time around.

Track 1 - Cocky & Confident

A typical intro track with a nice beat while Juvenile thanks his fans and does a little rapping getting us all prepared for what seems like a banger

Track 2 - Gotta Get It

This song right here has a simple drum pattern and not too many sounds yet it carries a very infectious hook, dirty south swagger, and a flow from Juvenile which does this track good justice as the first song off the album 

Track 3 - Back Back

A grimy intro to this next track which is another fun track from Juvenile, but this time he goes more focused on his creative rhymes.  The beat on this song sounds like something Mannie would make, my only knock on this song is Juvenile brings back his somewhat whining flow, which is his "new" thing.

Track 4 - We Getting Money (feat Shawty Lo & Dorrough)

Classic Juvenile flow with some features that only the South could really appreciate.  The hook is very catchy and basically a money anthem which will have many ridin, and chillin to this track.  Oh yea, the beat is hot too I was really feeling the track except for Shawty Lo.

Track 5 - My Money Don't Fold (feat T Money & Kango Slim)

Back to back money tracks is not very interesting to listen to, and that's just what we get from Juve.  This song right here is alittle more slower than the previous track, and Juvenile speaks on how much he has which is very reminiscent of his Cash Money days.  

Track 6 - Feeling Right (feat Cape, Kango Slim & B.G.)

Probably the one collaboration I was looking forward to with Juvenile and B.G. which doesn't disappoint.  Juvenile brings back his old school singing hook style, and B.G. comes through with his complimentary hook which makes up a New Orleans classic.  The beat is very smooth and chill allowing the rappers to do there own thing.  This is the 2nd track in a row with Kango Slim, I do wonder what he does...

Track 7 - Top of the Line

The beat on this track is very similar to the track Juvenile did on the Bun B album.  A very Houston feel to this beat and it works pretty well on this album.  This song is another track where Juvenile boasts about his money keeping up with the albums title.  

Track 8 - Make U Feel Alright (feat Kango Slim & Jay Da Menace)

Another track with Kango on it, and it seems like we have someone who is getting pushed.  The beat on this track is very old school with the claps on Juvenile's break through national single "Back That Thang Up".  A song geared towards the ladies is where Juve is probably at his best, and this proves the same formula still works.

Track 9 - It's All Hood

Some gangster strings and piano sounds make this sound like a very dark song.  The singing by Juvenile on the hook is not something he should do more often.  I honestly felt like if the hook was something different it would've been a banger.

Track 10 - New Orleans Stunna (feat Rawsmoov)

Vicious horns and the classic southern sounds make this song probably one of my favorites on the whole album.  Classic New Orleans on this song again, and Juvenile doesn't do too bad when it comes to rapping and being creative showing that he can hold his own on this song.  

Track 11 - All Over You (feat Kango Slim)

Finally the party for Juvenile slows down some, and his homie Kango get's another song.  More of an intimate track geared towards the ladies.  Some nice pianos which are somewhat dark and twisted, yet they work on this song.  Juvenile doesn't do too well on the flow, during the song he seems like he is trying to rap loud over the beat.  

Track 12 - You Can't Stop Me (feat Partners-N-Crime & Youngin')

Some of Juvenile's old friends in Partners-N-Crime appear on this song right here.  The song starts off slow yet picks up well with a very infectious hook, and probably one of the most feeling commercial song on the album.  This song is something I can hear blowing up big time if marketed and promoted right, with infectious synth and horns in the background Juvenile gets a good one right here.  

Track 13 - Break it Down (feat Q Corvette)

For some reason it feels like Juvenile really likes his piano's as this track starts off the same way.  I like the drum pattern and it fits well with Q Corvette's singing style.  Here we get one more song for the club where Juvenile goes at telling them ladies all about what Juve can do.

Track 14 - I'm Out Chere (feat Rico Love)

If you haven't noticed by now we have been getting a lot of features on this album by individuals we probably don't even know.  Now I'm not saying these guys are unsuccessful but it seems like Juvenile was getting people he wanted to blow up on this album, which is very pioneer like.  As we get to the track it starts off quick, and let's you know we have another riding track on our hands.  On this song don't let the music distract you, Juvenile actually really goes hard.

Track 15 - I'm Shining

If you remember track 7 this is pretty much a different version of that beat.  I wish this wouldn't have made the cut because it just doesn't feel like it belongs, maybe mixtape material here.  Maybe Juvenile had no other choice and listening to him talk about money again with a dated beat isn't a good formula. 

Track 16 - I Say (feat Youngin')

Ok, so whoever told Juve this was hot must've been lying to him because I just don't get the direction of this song.  Right here the beat isn't too bad it just doesn't make sense.  I feel like this is more of an interlude or skit instead of an actual song.  The 808's do hit though.

Track 17 - Everything (feat Bobby Valentino)

Back earlier this year this song leaked and it had Akon singing on the hook.  This time around Juvenile replaces Akon with Bobby B and the beat is more polished up.  This song right here is a nice change from the other few tracks we had previously and gets me back into the party mood. 

Track 18 -Hands On You (feat Pleasure P)

Here we get to the single of the album yet it's at the end of the cd.  Not a bad song it's pretty good actually, yet it's placement within the album could've been better for the song.  Juvenile keeps it consistent with his type of material in the song, but the beat is very refreshing and a good way to introduce Juvenile back to the public after 3 years.

Track 19 - Listen (feat Q Corvette)

We finally hit the last song on the album and to tell you the truth, it has probably the most substance than any song we just hear/reviewed.  Juvenile on this has a nice and soft beat which you can tell is something heard before, and he basically tells it like it is.  Trying to be a motivational speaker to the hood this track right here shows why Juvenile is as respected as he is.  When I feel and hear this song it reminds me of why Juve is one of my all time favorites.

Overall the album is subpar with songs that hit and miss by a large margin.  I didn't really feel all the features but they didn't hurt the album as much as the would've.  The production is pretty good for producers who are not very known, and they do a good job to try and get Juvenile the right beats.  Some of the beats sound dated but in this day of Hip Hop that actually works.  As we hit a creative level with the rhyming and elaborate schemes, Juvenile tries to hold his own and doesn't do a bad job.  One thing that isn't consistent about the album is the fact that his voice feels like it changes from track to track.  A positive is that Juvenile stays on point when it comes to an album title, and actually keeping the album on point with what it's named.  This cd probably won't be selling 100k the first week, but it's a nice spin for those living in the South.

If you want a numerical rating I would rate it 7/10

Buy the album: Click Here

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