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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

50 Cent vs Southern Music

Ok while I was posting album sales for this week something hit me about 50 Cent. I remember in the past 50 has said that Southern music isn't Hip Hop or stuff along those lines, and also 50 has had a very volatile relationship when it comes to handling topics about the South. Throughout all this stuff 50 has made friends with Ludacris, Trick Daddy, David Banner, and other staples in Southern Hip Hop. So my question to those who hate on 50 because he so called hates the south is this. If 50 hates the south then why would he allow space on his website, to have a background layout for Paul Wall. Earlier during the year Mike Jones, Ciara, and Bun B had spots in advertising on 50 Cent's website. The logical explaination to this can be that 50 is seeing advertising money from rappers to allow them some web space on his site, but what about those with small budgets? Honestly I think 50 Cent likes music from the South (he has had tracks with Ciara, Lil Flip, Lil Scrappy, and Ludacris) and its the dumbed down music he might hate. If he hates dumbed down music though, then why does he support Soulja Boy.......

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  1. its easy,, 50 is a snitch,, internet gangbanger,,studio gangsta that sums him up.. dont get me wrong though his music is pretty sick but i rekon he started the whole new trend of the way hip hop is shaped today and he is half the reason its dead.. he came out with a straight up album with get rich or die trying had the whole world fooled,, after that 50 cent is sold out, back in the 90's if there was beef it was on, the diss was the main song in the album making hits now all the disses are weak eg when he beefed with game it was weak on 50 cents behalf.. hes finished


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