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Monday, April 27, 2009

Rick Ross Interview before Trilla

This interview with Rick Ross happened before he released his second album last year. In this interview he is asked a question about beef with 50 cent which he says there is none.When the guy says he heard the beef in the street's Rick just seems like he get's all defensive. Now don't get me wrong Trilla was a pretty good cd I liked it a lot, but these days with all the information coming out on Ross, his credibility is really hurting his rap image for me. He talks about keeping things 100 in this interview and truthful, but he just seems too caught up in himself and this image of Rick Ross. I know there are a lot of rappers in the game who are not what they say, but usually they don't try this hard to become something they are not. If Ross wants to go at 50 cent's credibility, he will have a tough time as we have proof 50 sold drugs at a point in his life. All we have on Ross are some pictures from him receiving his C.O. Diploma, and nothing drug related or gang related. Someone should find out the truth and report it, I mean doesn't the media have the freedom of speech? Why let some clowns overpower them so they can get money for being fake?

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