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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Rick Ross feat The Game, Ja Rule, Fat Joe - Mafia Music (remix)

Rick has gotten himself a pretty good track here with Mafia Music, and since I was complaining about getting a good track out for this beef Ricky seems to have done it. Over the years we know 50 cent has made some pretty good enemies, and for Rick to get most of them on this track doesn't seem too well for Curtis. Now we all know Ja Rule and Fat Joe are basically washed up, but Rick Ross and The Game on the same track now that was some fire. One thing about The Game though is for some reason it seemed like either he was sick, didn't want to be recognized, or straight up tried to copy Ross's style. It's funny how 50 cent has created a club of 50 haters, but you tell me, will you bump this or dump this (I know kinda cheesy but I needed something!).

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