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Monday, April 20, 2009

Andre Iguodala Game Winning Shot

Yeah I know this is Basketball but the NBA playoffs have been crazy this first week. First there was Derrick Rose against Boston and that win for the Chicago Bulls. Then Houston destroyed Portland in a match up that had critics choosing Portland for the W. The game right before Houston had the Dallas Mavericks beating the San Antonio Spurs for there first road playoff victory in 2 years. Finally there was AI 2.0 aka Iguodala with a game winner as his 6th seeded 76ers beat the 3rd seeded Orlando Magic. As the NBA would say, "Where Will Amazing Happen This Year?" Well David Stern it has happened in 3 cities already, and we got a whole lot of games left to play.


  1. philly is the 6 seed and the magic are the 3 seed how could you not know that

  2. wooooooow i cant believe i made that mistake, thanks for catching it. This is what i get for posting at 2am lol


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