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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Juvenile Questions Hot Boys Reunion

So everyone in the Hip Hop world has the small article of Juvenile wondering if a Hot Boy's reunion will happen. I for one used to wonder but now days I'm more skeptical about it happening more than anything. There are many reasons for why I feel the way I do and I'm going to touch base on them now.

Turk: 1/4th of the group, Turk has had trouble getting on parole for a while now and could be the reason why everything has been moving so slowly. Even without Turk though the others should have prepared or even recorded a slew of songs to create a buzz, and anticipation for a reunion.

Wayne: Formerly one of the younger and unpolished rappers in the group, Lil Wayne still boasts the young but now he is the most lyrical and highly anticipated out of the group. At one point seen as just another rapper Wayne has made himself bigger than all his former label mates combined. The star that is surrounding Weezy has brought him more expectations and work, plus he has a new crew to lead in Young Money.

Juvenile: The one who supposedly created the rift at the moment because his finances weren't right, now Juvenile is the one who has the money in hand and is waiting on this opportunity to make himself relevant in Hip Hop again. As the eldest member of the group Juvenile needs this to reinvent himself, and have people wanting his music again. The hiatus he has taken after his last album has him seemingly more as a has been, so he would need to step up his game to help this become a nice group again.

B.G.: I was waiting for his album and it never dropped, now I'm thinking they don't even want to drop the album. The situation revolving around B.G. is one of great concern because nobody knows what it is. Him along with Turk are the biggest question marks because we need them, and they cannot get there situations straight. Until we hear from B.G. himself, his decisions along with TI in jail have us waiting for a while.

Mannie Fresh: I remember a beat by Mannie meant you had a single on the radio for a month, these days a beat by Mannie means a beat. Will this guy even be able to reinvent himself? I mean nobody in this new generation even cares about who he is or even knows who he was. One thing Mr. Fresh has on his side is that he has longevity like Juvenile. The problem is will Mannie even be Fresh enough for the young audience to like him again? Oh yeah, and what about his paperwork...

Baby: So him and Mannie Fresh were the Big Tymers and not really Hot Boy's, but they remain integral parts to the reunion happening. Baby has a full plate with Lil Wayne, Bow Wow, Young Money, Jay Sean, and Drake. The arsenal that Cash Money boasts is pretty nice, and a Hot Boy's reunion probably might not have any relevance for them at this point. There was a time when Baby needed them but now, it seems more like they need Baby and the shrewd business man might not let that happen.

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