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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Roc Nation: Free Agents?

So when Jay-Z signed his $150 million dollar deal with Live Nation we thought big things were poppin. Now that Jigga has his release from Def Jam, he is shopping his Roc Nation label around, and honestly let me tell you that I'm not sure anyone will buy in a recession, but I could be wrong. Lately the talk is that the label will be signing with Sony but is it worth it? The economy is struggling, these artists and labels gauge success by a outdated source "album sales" and the new age income is still trying to be understood. Plus have we all forgot that Jay has had a bad showing, and high demands for shows. Don't get me wrong he is a legend, but the risk might be too high compared to the reward for a Record Label.

Jay-Z Taking Roc Nation To Sony? | Jay Z | Rap Basement

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