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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Lloyd Banks Makes Fun Of Rick Ross

Man this is the first time I've heard Lloyd Banks chillin and having some fun, and honestly I think he was high. Lol, Bank's cracks up some jokes on Rick Ross and discusses the album signing situation, where it was said that not too many people showed up to get an autograph from Rick himself. Now according to different sources online there are different things being said so I will not touch the topic, but one thing that was valid that Banks said is that Rick Ross should check Bank's album selling. Yeah these are different times, but even Bank's last album which was a dud except for maybe 4 songs had a strong opening week. What is funny is Hunger for More sold more than all of Rick Ross's albums combined. This new look for Bank's is nice, but I think he needs to expose himself more to the media, especially in the south, central, and west parts of America.

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