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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Eminem Asks for Help

While Eminem was having his struggles he turned to a friend for advice. This friend was not Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, any D-12 member, or figure on his label. The person who Eminem turned to for advice was Elton John. Now back in the day Eminem was involved in some controversy when it came to homosexuals, and in that time Elton John along with Eminem performed a song together. From that day onward both have been friends, and it is good to hear that they even support each other in other terms than just music. As a person Elton John gave Eminem some help, and as we can see the rapper is basically back into form. In this interview however, it is stated that Eminem also spoke to rapper T.I. several times. To hear about a big rapper helping another rapper in troubled times is another fact that has been missing in the Hip Hop community. What I found interesting about this is that both men kept it a secret. Personal topics should never be discussed as a platform for media attention, especially if it isn't your personal topic to discuss. Here is the rest of the information from this interview that I read on HipHopDx. Oh yeah, Eminem also listens to Black Milk.

Eminem Says Elton John Helped Him Get Sober | Hip Hop News >

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