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Sunday, April 12, 2009

RIP Proof 1973-2006

Proof Past Away April 11th 2006 in Detroit by a gunshot wound. If you never heard of him, he was a prominent rapper in the group D12 led by Eminem, and was loved by all those who knew him.

This interview let's us see a little bit about the man who was and will be Proof


  1. Man..its was sad when I heard Proof died. REAL SAD. I was just watchin Beef 4 the other day and they ended it with a tribute to him. One of the best freestylers I've ever heard...

    R.I.P Proof

  2. yoooooooo, thanks for the comment. Yeah it was real sad when Proof passed away, I wish I knew more about him to understand him, either way still sad to see someones life end so quick.


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