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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Officer Ricky: Triple C's (Carol City Confessions)

Maaaaaaaaan I know this is another Rick Ross post, but is it obvious to anyone that this dude is living a lie. This video is an old video of Ross dissing Trick Daddy after finding out Trick said that Rick was a Cop. I feel that a lot of rappers/musicians are not what they say, but nobody has made it as obvious as this dude. Like I've said before good music is good music, but when do we challenge credibility? Do we let people slide just because the music is good? Or do we make them responsible for what they are saying.

We all know 50 cent got shot at 9 times, we all know Eminem was poor growing up in Detroit, Ludacris was a DJ before rapper, and we also know about Snoop Doggs history as a child. Throw in some of New York's most prominent in LL Cool J, Nas, & Biggie along with California's 2Pac and Eazy-E and we have background stories on some of these artists which are believable through many different sources. I'm not saying you have to be bad to be good or reliable in Hip Hop, I'm just saying don't fabricate your past to make yourself something your not. Being shot also doesn't add to credibility neither does being poor, rapping about your background a la Asher Roth style will make you a recognized rapper with "Real Talk" which I think is what Hip Hop needs more than anything. Yep I went off on a tangent but this annoy's me to the fullest. How credible is a C.O. rapping about drugs. Maybe if Ross rapped about those who were affected and the stories he heard about them, then I could take him more serious. Right now though this just makes me sick.

PS: If you think I'm riding with 50 cent all the way I'm not, I just want grown men to actually be responsible for once.


  1. This man is certifiable. I really just wantthe 21st to come and go, let him do 10k and shut up...but some how i see def jam buyin a bunch to make it look like they selling. After their first week somehow the sales always stop.

  2. I hear ya bro, this stunt could be fueled by Def Jame meddling with what the real response is for Ricky's Album. We got 10 more days though lol.


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