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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dr. Dre is "Under Pressure"

Hey people you still there? To those who have e-mailed me I have fallen behind thanks to work and I apologize.  I appreciate all the artists who have sent me music, and I'm in the process of going through those e-mails still along with weeding out some spam.  This track that Dr. Dre let go a few days ago is how I've been feeling, but the problem is I'm not feeling this track.  Now I have waited on releasing news on many topics but I had to touch this one.  For all the time we have waited this track overall just doesn't have us moving like how we thought we would.  Could we have put too much anticipation on this track? probably and why not, after waiting nearly a decade for this album to drop we get this, a watered down commercialized non west coast rap track.  Oh and since I've rambled on for some and told the truth for others, isn't it funny that after this soft release by the aftermath camp and neutral vibe, we get people from there saying that the track is unfinished and a lot more needs to be done?  I thought our Hip Hop icon and super perfectionist would've already had this done by now...

Dr. Dre feat Jay-Z = Under Pressure (Click Here)


  1. thats what happens when they keep revvin up a release. over expectations

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