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Friday, February 26, 2010

Lil Wayne: Jail, Rock Album, Etc.

Let's start with the step one, which is more people voted on not buying Lil Wayne's rock album that people who would buy the album.  Out of 30 votes 19 people did not want the album, and so as I take down the poll the majority has spoke out against Wayne's failed attempt to become a "Rock Star".  I don't see why this was so necessary by Weezy, because if you really think about it, rappers are the new rock stars.  The publicity and coverage people get in Hip Hop is amazing, and thanks to the pioneers of the game we don't really need to cross over into something that isn't us.  I do give Wayne credit for trying something different, but in this case it just didn't completely work.  Now with Lil Wayne and his mouth problem, I heard he had to get 8 root canals done which I cannot imagine, and his jail term is about to start soon.  Oh yeah, I can't forget that we will get plenty of Birdman Jr. this year because of the ample amount of videos Lil Wayne has shot before his incarceration.  No links on this post baby, this one was all me...

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