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Monday, January 11, 2010

TuneUp Media Review

Your music collection is a mess. TuneUp fixes it. Automagically.

Yes is does!  I had the privilege to use TuneUp and to tell you the truth it's amazing.

Here is a review on what the winners of the February contest will win for the RapNewsCenter header.  Contest rules will be posted soon and the contest will be underway from that point on.  I will have a separate post on the rules, but I thought this would get people prepared.

I don't want this to sound like some commercial so let me tell you the truth.  TuneUp is software which cleans mislabeled music for your computer, and is VERY helpful when it comes to cleaning up itunes.  To start, I went to the official website for this product ( and did a tour of what they had to offer.  You will find on there site that they go into detail about many different features that they offer like cleaning, cover art, etc.  and once you read a few of the things they offer, you see that not just does your library get cleaned up but you can also buy concert tickets, view music videos, and much much more. 

The next thing I did was go to the BUY button and checked out the 2 different deals they have.  Currently you can get a one time life long purchase for a single computer at $29.95, or you can do a 1 year membership for $19.95, both which are great deals.  I personally like the lifetime option because it's affordable, everyone uses digital music, and usually people use there laptop or desktop for at least 2 years which would save you around $10.00.  Once you make your purchase the next step is downloading and installation, both which are pretty easy.

After getting Tuneup installed you open it up with itunes if you want, and it opens a side bar which is Tuneup in its entirety.  The next step in organizing your songs is to basically select the "Clean your mislabeled music" option.  Everything is very self explanatory and user friendly even for those of us who aren't really computer savvy.  Once you get all the music labeled and organized (I did 300 songs in 5 mins) the next thing left is to play and enjoy your songs.  An interesting thing is when you play a song from an artist through your itunes library, Tuneup displays a bio on the side with music videos straight from youtube.

I hope this review of Tuneup encourages you to at least check out there website.  Not only has this helped me organize my hundreds of songs, but it has really relieved me of that stress I would face whenever I had to open up itunes and try to straighten everything out myself.  Oh, and another interesting thing is I like looking at my ipod and seeing real album artwork instead of the "No Album Artwork Image", I mean who wouldn't!

Here is a nice video of Tuneup with Biz Markie

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  1. Thanks for this review, personally I have had amazing results with Tuneup as well. The extra artist information is also a very cool addition when listening to music at home.


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