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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lupe Fiasco's Thanksgiving Mixtape?

I don't avidly listen to Lupe Fiasco but I do understand he has some pretty cool music.  Now just because I don't listen to him much doesn't mean I don't like him or don't respect his hustle.  Currently as we all await a new album from Lupe who had previously said he was going to retire, we get this mixtape coming out on Thursday and to tell you the truth I'm very excited to hear what he has to say.  With a lot of rappers crowning themselves the past few years, I truthfully believe Lupe with this mixtape will make the statement he is shooting for.  Your probably asking yourself what statement, and I will let you know next. 

While I was doing my Hip Hop browsing today I found out that this mixtape isn't just about Lupe preparing you for his album, or creating himself a buzz, Lupe Fiasco is about to show the world of Hip Hop why he is the best alive, or atleast a top 5 mc in the rap game.  Bold Statement?  For someone who doesn't listen to this guy much, I do believe he can compete with the best at anything.  One thing I like about Lupe is he hasn't fabricated his life as much as some other rappers have.  Another thing that is in his favor is that he actually makes music that people understand, and really believe in.  When people believe your music you can nearly do anything you want, ask Kanye (maybe not anything).  As we wait a few days for this mixtape, let's get ourselves ready for a very competitive Lupe Fiasco here on out. 

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