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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cam'ron & Mase SQUASHED BEEF!

So we got a high profile beef and now we have a low profile reunion. Two rappers who were at the top of there game in the mid to late 90's are now back together after a fallout back in 1998. Mase has reunited with Cam'ron and those who have listened to Hip Hop for ten years know, that this is a legendary reunion. Once these 2 men were part of a killer rap group called "Children of the Corn" they went there separate ways, and became some of New York's favorite rappers. Let's hope there are more collaborations within the city, but this brotherly love is feeling kinda strange right now...

PS: Cam on the far left, Mase on the far right

Mase Reunites With Cam'Ron, Records New Track | Hip Hop News >

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