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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hip Hop Unity

I thank you for everyone who is/has checked out the video for Young Boy Thomas, and with a lot of music stuff going on for me lately I wanted to post this on Hip Hop. One of the hottest rappers for this year has complimented Soulja Boy which would seem funny, but if you think about it then it can be accepted. Drake stated that the young rapper Soulja Boy is one of the "Smartest rappers of our generation" which holds some validity. From a fresh age of 17 years old Soulja Boy broke onto the commercial Hip Hop scene with his "Crank Dat" single and hasn't looked back. His latest album had worse album sales, but it was still commercially successfull. Drake with his comment didn't go into specifics, but for me the specific is how Soulja Boy used the internet to create his buzz.

In a time where new artists were showing up but the hype was periodically, Soulja Boy got himself a nationwide hit and stayed relevant in Hip Hop for 2 years. Still with some immaturity, Soulja Boy has done a great job using the internet, and now many artists have followed that trend. Where there in a time people are losing jobs, rappers are dissing each other still for buzz, it's good to see the youngsters get together and push there music and help build up Hip Hop even more. When it comes back to the "Crank Dat" star, the question that could arise from this could be, Did Soulja Boy really find this first, or was he just lucky? Let me know wassup...

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