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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Eminem vs Bruno

So by now everyone must have heard about the Eminem and Bruno controversy that has the whole internet world going banana's. If you don't know what happened, Sacha Cohen aka Borat aka Bruno, decided to come down from the rafters during the MTV Award's, and have his legs around a seated Eminem where Em saw Bruno's behind. Now during the show after Bruno did what he did, Eminem caused a small scene and looked pretty disturbed by what happened. According to sources now, the whole thing was staged but the only difference was Em wasn't supposed to get Bruno's behind. I don't know the whole story of course but I did find this pretty funny, yet annoying. Personally I wasn't a big fan of Sacha to begin with but I did find Borat amusing the first time. His Bruno character basically has the same style, but just as a gay person. Eminem was a good sport especially since we know Em can do crazy really well but he didn't, and also Sacha if he was supposed to do something a certain way but didn't then well he is kinda stupid. As a person you are being given an opportunity to create some comedy and free marketing for your new movie, but you decide to take it over the top which could bring you down. Oh well, let's see how this develops as both men are good at what they do.

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