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Monday, June 22, 2009

50 Cent: Back On His Grind?

So 50 Cent has stated that he is getting into the mentality he was in when he had no deal. The hunger and aggressiveness is what Curtis has said he is trying to recreate, but after hearing his latest mixtape I do have to say I'm a little disappointed. The 'War Angel LP' was supposed to bring 50 Cent back into the fold as the hardest rapper out there, and personally I feel it hasn't done that at all. When the album starts out it is very aggressive, but then 50 goes back to singing, trying a different accent, and just some more boring music. Yeah it can be repetitive to hear him speaking about drugs, killing, money, and other things but why can't he speak on other life topics on a global stage.

The man once hearlded as the next Tupac (RIP) has become nothing more but a gimmick that is now one dimensional. I love great music from any rapper out there including Ja Rule, and The Game as long as it bumps, so my question to 50 is, why are you still putting out material for fun when you need to be serious about your work? I doubt he will read this post on this blog, which doesn't even touch a million people worldwide like, but maybe if it touches that handful of people and get's back to him then I've done what I wanted to do.


  1. I dunno man, War Angel was crazy for me. I think what happened is that he got too comfortable and now he has something to prove...hence the hunger.

    People always talk about GRODT.. the point wasnt 'tryin' the point was to 'get rich' after he got rich...why he gotta try anymore?

  2. yo yo yo wassup, I agree with 50 dont gotta try for the money, but what about for us fans? He also has a bad image in the media which is partly his fault, but alot of people hate because they just want to. Thanks for another good post I appreciate the honesty.


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