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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

TI & Ja Rule March for Anti-Gun Rally in NYC

If I was a biased blogger then I would say Ja Rule sucks, and Rick Ross is gay, but honestly 50 Cent isn't paying me nothin so I ain't choosing sides. On a real note though, Ja Rule, TI, Al Sharpton, and others marched for a rally in memory of two youngsters whose deaths were related to gun violence. Personally I feel we have a right to bear arms but I do wonder to what extent. I don't want people to use weapons to cause harm unless harm is being caused on them. Example: Someone decides to break in my house and rob me, then I might want to use that weapon, but not to kill, just to allow myself enough time to keep myself safe. Honestly though there is never a perfect situation when there is danger, so weapons in general might just be best banned. With that said, to see some gangster rappers show support on non violence is a major plus. Known for there hardcore lyrics and also there soft sides, Ja and TI have done a good thing here. TI who was supposed to be going to jail a while ago still is out doing good things, and honestly I can only judge his work by what he does after he gets released. Ja Rule on the other hand looks like he needed the publicity but he also seems like he has grown up some. I do believe that men in there 30's should be more educated on how the world works, and maybe Ja has reached that point with most things. As the WWE I mean "Hip Hop" world move forward, to see grown men show support for peace is great news. As rappers this is something that can be hated on or supported for, but those who hate are probably frontin. I don't mind the lyrics on guns, drugs, etc. as long as it is told in a way of a witness, or as a story of someones life. When the main message is the same and that is peace, then I'm 100% ok with the music. Good look for Hip Hop indeed.

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  1. Great words man.

    Personally, I've been starting to look past as these beefs and negative things in the hip hop world these days. The way I look at it is, people are losing jobs, the whole world is suffering..when its not disease, its some other crime. it is for these entertainers to ENTERTAIN!! I can't be spending my last few dollars on an album where the artist is singing about how many cars he got and houses and all the random things they do. I rather listen something that takes me away from these problems.

    Another thing I saw for myself through this Rick Ross Louis V thing was just how impressionable people can be. I read the comments on a number of these sites and what I found was that people..ordinary people were commenting that they buy the real stuff..

    Just because he raps about it flauntin this lifestyle...people try to emulate WAAAY above their means (most people) and then complain about things being hard...

  2. yooooo, on the real man i understand what u mean. I don't mind some tracks like money anthem's but anthem's on wanting to get it, not spending it all on useless junk.
    The Beef's have kept me bloggin lol, but they do get annoying. The last beef that had any fuel was Game vs G-Unit, and Game won that battle.
    The entertainment level has gone down commercially, but I do feel some underground material and independent material has gotten pretty good.


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