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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Rick Ross & Fake Louis Vuittons?

Word is XXL got hit up by Louis Vuitton, and were told that Rick Ross's sun glasses are fake. According to this story, the sun glasses have caused trouble for Louis Vuitton and I really don't know in what way.

Louis Vuitton Accuses Rick Ross Of Wearing Knock-Offs | Hip Hop News >


  1. The irony is..the XXL cover says:
    "I never had a credibility issue...and still don't"...

    Understatement of the year. Trick and G-Unit goin have fun with this one....LOL

  2. when u only sell 150,000 copies of your album you can't afford real shit.

  3. LOL look at rick now, he even was tellin people them things were custom made

    shiiiiit! I didn't know they were THAT custom

  4. ahahhahha, man I feel bad for the dude, but c'mon lie after lie, it's like this is all he knows. I do like maybach music 2 though, not bad stuff.


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