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Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Game Needs Material

On Sohh rapper The Game spoke about his next album called the Red Album, and the topics he might or could cover. According to him, he doesn't know what to rap about and wants to keep his album beef free. Now as we know, when rappers start getting paid and make a lot of money, they lose the base that they rapped about in there lyrics. When they lose the environment that helped them create the music, they lose stories. In this case The Game has acknowledged that he has rapped about everything he has wanted to, but to keep an album beef free he cannot name drop which is his main thing to do. I'am interested to see what he drops as his next album, but the biggest thing for The Game should be individualism. He has been following 50 Cent too long, and he needs to be his own man.

Sohh Article: Click Here

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