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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Eminem's Relapse Pills

Man this guy is a genius. I don't know how much help Eminem had with marketing after he got better but this is brilliant. First the Popsomp Hills Rehab Center and an album cover, now pills! Dude these aren't real pills if your wondering they are mints but it's freakin awesome. If Eminem could get these in stores it would be a chaotic situation in the streets that's for sure. At this time I personally feel platinum would be an understatement for the man who is Slim Shady. Oh the link for the pills is here at the end lol, I was just too exited!

Eminem's Relapse Pill Bottles - View Here | Eminem | Rap Basement


  1. Dude, Em always takes it a whole new level. Its just cool to see this has got positive reviews.

    Some of the young kids who expect every song to be about guns, drugs and autotune are the ones who are talking crap.

    I for one got 5/19 marked!

  2. I agree, people are trying to put a dark spin on Eminem when he is everything. He is the most versatile rapper in the game along with T.I. and Jay-Z, but above both with Jay-Z coming in a close 2nd. The only difference is Em has kept it steady while Jay-Z looks for who is popular sometimes.


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