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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Lil Wayne to Diss 50 Cent!

Yo yo yo what up, I know updates were kind of slow because honestly nothing interested me too much. One thing I found is this article on Rap Basement saying Lil Wayne will appear on 2 tracks for Rick Ross's album, and they say one will be on a track to diss 50 cent. I'm not sure how true this is or how much Rick just wants more buzz but I'm interested in what Wayne has to say about the G-Unit general. Will Wayne go hard on this or just show that he has sided with Ross? Will Banks try to go after Wayne which could set up one of the most lyrical beefs in Hip Hop? Let's stay tuned to see because this is looking like a very nice summer indeed.

Lil Wayne Helps Rick Ross Diss 50 Cent? | Rick Ross | Rap Basement

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