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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hot Boys Reunion Closer to Reality!

Remember Bling Bling? Remember Drop it Like it's hot? Remember Ha? Maybe Back That Thang Up? #1 Stunna? Yep all those are some famous songs from the multiplatinum record label Cash Money Records. Earlier today I posted up on Cash Money and Jay Sean, well now I have some news on the old school Hot Boys.

According to HipHopDX the Hot Boys have moved one step closer to a reunion album. So far Juvenile has signed a deal and is on Cash Money, while Mannie Fresh, B.G., and Turk still need to get there paperwork together. Turk is still in jail though and is waiting on parole, while B.G. has been waiting to drop his album for over a year now. Also, Mannie Fresh has stated he wants this album to be a classic, with quality material. I have a few things to add to this, one being HELLZ YEAH! The Hot Boys are what got me into Hip Hop in the late 90's so this is big for me. Another thing is if Fresh says this album is supposed to be dope then I believe him. The reason why is because he needs this as a step to show that he still has it on the production side. I'm in big anticipation for the next move, and I feel flooding the streets with some music could be the right way to go, especially since big time radio play doesn't translate into radio sales.

Here is a preview of what we could be in for!

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