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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Asher Roth Album Undershipped?

According to Asher it's true his album has been undershipped, but is that a big problem? I don't think so because of where the economy is at, and how music has been being purchased lately. These days its more digital than before, so shipping should be a relevant number according to what would be sufficient for a month. For example, if Asher had the hype we think he does, ship 500k cds and if you hear that hey they are selling out, send out the next shipment. Personally I think this is a good move by the record label, but I do wonder if after the 1st week are people still as interested to go back to purchase the album. I'm not sure what would you do?

Asher Confirms Under Shipment; Attacked At Show | Asher Roth | Rap Basement

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