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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Rick Ross Vs 50 Cent Round 1 Billion

So this beef is still going on and it doesn't look like either camp is going to stop any time soon. What seemed like a publicity stunt for record sales just keeps on getting nastier between Rick Ross & 50 cent. Yesterday there was a VERY explicit video made by 50 cent featuring one of Ross's baby mama's. During this whole ordeal clearly the winner has been 50 cent, and you would have to REALLY need some impressive evidence to state otherwise. Yes Curtis Jackson's music is somewhat pop now, but lyrically he is on another level compared to Rick Ross. Remember I said compared to Ross, not Wayne, TI, or Jigga so please no Wayne would murda him comments. Anyways beware of that video which is on 50 cent's website ( We might be headed towards a war that could lead to the streets if these two men aren't careful. The only difference is neither of these two guys are respected like the two before them who died in a violent beef. RIP BIGGE & PAC

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