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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Another Class Act by The Game

This was posted on in there rumors section. Here is the link to that page for the rumor Link. This post right here got my attention because of what happened.


My boy Jamal hit me up about a Game show last night in San Angelo, TX. Apparently, the Compton rapper's voice went out so he couldn’t continue. Guess what the rapper ended up doing for the fans? He stuck around to take a gang of pictures and met with anybody that wanted to meet with him. He reportedly had his people in his ear saying, "It’s time to go," but Game said, "I aint leaving till it’s done." Jamal told me he's an even bigger fan now than ever before. That's what's up!

Now after reading this all I could think about was first the disabled dude now straight up love for the crowd. I mean this could've been very dangerous for a celebrity to go out into an audience, but you also have to give them what they paid for. Taking pictures with the fan's and meeting everyone and anyone who was at the show is a real move. What's funny is after what The Game has done these past few shows, if he got into this Rick Ross & 50 cent beef then Officer Ricky might actually have a shot. Oh boy!

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