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Monday, February 08, 2010

Young Cypha - Chapter 1: Hunger Painz (FREE MIXTAPE DOWNLOAD)

Here today I have a mixtape that everyone should get.  Young Cypha hit me up and allowed me the privilege to listen to his mixtape which is really good.  In this interview we ask him some questions about his background, and give you a link to get this mixtape for free.  Here is a short bio for Young Cypha:
A member of Chicago Based Crew-Conscious Productionz (a.k.a CP), Cypha made his first official appearance on the scene with his first demo "By Any Means"(2006). With the Internet Radio Hit, "Mama Said" and "Happened To U". While these 2 singles were at the peak of internet radio charts Cypha released his first mixtape Clean Slate Vol. 1 (2008). However, his reputation is built on his notable rhyme-battling skills, which have captivated many throughout the Windy City Streets. The competitions allow him to display his complex approach. Cypha Rhymes with a dose of lethal metaphors mixed into his gangsta braggadocio. With his own solo mixtapes, Cypha has made a name for himself separately from his CP crew, moving several hundred units on his own. Beginning in 2009, he stepped up his exposure, and has been offered 3 major deals to date. Cypha has the talent and ambition to become a big name in hip-hop.

Where are you from?

I'm Chicago, Born And Raised
Why the name Young Cypha?
Why I Chose the name Young Cypha, Because A "Cypher" Is A Freestyle Session That Never Ends until someone gives up. I think of myself as a 1 man "Cypha", the only difference is, I will never give up.

How long have you been rapping?
I've been Rapping since 2002, I actually started off a strictly a battle rapper then grew into more of what you see now, an all around animal lol.
What are your inspirations in becoming a hip hop artist?

My inspirations as far as music goes are Jadakiss and Kanye. Just Jada's all around lyricism and hunger is what inspired me to start rapping. and I feel Kanye went from nothing to something, and that's exactly what i plan to do.

What are your ultimate goals that you want to achieve through your music?
I just want to reach out to everybody, the streets mostly. I just wanna show them that someone is still here representin for them. I just wanna become a premier name in the industry. Show them that I'm hungry for this. I Wanna show them I'm not ya basic skinny jean rockin, bright shirt copin, wallet chain type of rapper. I'm different.....Way Different.

What are current projects your working on for the future?
Right now I'm actually workin on my Feb. Mixtape "Chapter 2: Padded Booth" This is the second Mixtape in "The Manual" Saga. In 2010 Im Dropping 12 Mixtapes In 12 Months. Basically A Mixtape A Month. Its Gon Be Crazy, I'm tryna do stuff other people in my league aint doin. Gotta stand out to get noticed.

Tell us about this mixtape, what can we expect?
On This Mixtape "Chapter 1: Hunger Painz" Its just a mixture of lyricism, hunger, pain, drive, determination, and my overall "Aggressive style". I have something for everybody on here. I kinda stepped out of the box. I'm showin them its more to me than just pure aggression. I have a side for the ladies, a side for the people in pain, and a side for the streets. Everybody will be happy with this.

Who is Crew-Conscious Productionz and what is there production style?
My Crew Consists Of: Nolan- Producer/Rapper/CEO, Pickett: Rapper/ Co-Vice President, Qwestions: Rapper/ Co-Vice President, Rok: Rapper/President, Me: Rapper/President and Aruna: a female Pop Artist from Toronto. The production style is all-types of beats honestly. We do: Hip Hop, Pop, Old School Samples, Original, New Age Samples, Gospel. Whatever you need Nolan can make, that's why he does all of my productions.

Why should people listen to your music, what makes you more unique than other acts out?
My style of music, my hunger, like a rapper that shows drive and determination and pours their soul out on every I'll wait.........its not many. I will give you that every track, every bar, every sentence.....I rap like every verse can possibly get me a deal, and again, I'm not ya yellow diamond, jerkin type of rapper like for real, its not me. What I can give you is exciting tracks every time.  I guarantee by the end of this mixtape, you will have a head full of "Young Cypha Quotables" lol.

If there was one artist you would wanna work with, who and why?
The one artist I would honestly like to work with is JadaKiss. I guarantee we would wreck any beat thrown in our direction. I feel our styles are similar but different. Jada is a lil more laid back than I'am lol, but thats what would make for a classic song.....Its The Best Of Close my eyes.

Any words you want to leave readers?
To All The Readers........
Download My Mixtape "Chapter 1: Hunger Painz". I KNOW this is what you need to hear. and follow along with me this year in my qwest to do 12 mixtapes in 12 months. Also Check Out My Labels Pages. We are bringin nothing but the best music in your direction, also check out my social networks. Jared Iz Musik
And My Whole CP Fam
Thanx For Your Support.


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