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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Possible Eminem Concert in Dallas?

Yea the word is Jerry Jones owner of the Dallas Cowboys NFL team is looking to use his stadium as a venue for rap artists.  Now me being a Dallas Cowboys fan I find this news pretty awesome.  According to this RapBasement article, Jerry and Eminem met up a while back and discussed a few things mainly a potential concert.  If Eminem decides to use this stadium as a place to hold his concert, I'm sure it will be a big win for both him and Jerry Jones...

Eminem Talks With Dallas Cowboys Owner | Eminem | Rap Basement


  1. That will be great ! SlaveOf.Love

  2. It would be a perfect venue for Eminem's comeback concert. I guess the stadium can handle the famous and controversial rapper's fans in one big night. In Denver, outdoor concerts are the artists' favorite drama, especially on summer events. Denver is a great place for outdoor activities. Events are pretty much enjoyable when done outdoor.



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