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Friday, November 13, 2009

Beanie Sigel feat 50 Cent - I Go Off

Here we go the battle has begun for 50 Cent vs Jay-Z.  Right here we got the fire track from Beanie Sigel feat none other than 50 on the hook.  I know this might be late but for Friday the 13th I think its perfect.  Bad day for Jay in this one, and now I wonder if Kanye has something to say or will we just get nothing at all.  The beat of this track and the verses from Sigel are probably the best I've heard from a rapper in a while.  When it comes to structure the flow is on point, it would've been nice to hear 50 spit some verses though.  Anyhow I feel Jay might hit up Buck for a diss at 50, wouldn't that be fun to hear...

I would like to thank thisis50 for the pic and the song, I give credit where credit is due!


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