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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mase is Released

Ok I'm truly not sure if this is fact or not, but according to this video from a few days ago it seems that P Diddy did sign the release papers for Mase to work elsewhere.  Now, we all know Diddy is famous for holding his former Bad Boy artists hostage (D-Block) but could this have been a setup?  I mean to ask Diddy to do something so kind while Puffy IF he hadn't, would've had to explain his whole ordeal on the radio, AND take on an angry Mase during a live radio show seems pretty rough to me.  Plus you can't forget Diddy doesn't like too much controversy especially after the whole 90's decade so it seems setup to me.  On the real though, who here from the teenagers that use these blogs is even interested in Mase?  Is he still considered a hypocrite?  Do we forgive him?  I'm curious for your opinion....

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