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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Juvenile - Ha 2009?

I got into Hip Hop late as a youngster during the days of the Cash Money era, but before that time I had knowledge of music in terms of that genre.  Tupac was just a name, Biggie was the same, but Juvenile was a legend for me as a 14 year old teenager.  So I was a little hormone driven, and hearing a song telling girls to "Back That Thang Up" sounded pretty good to me.  How about the fact that there was a 15 year old kid rapping and his age was very close to my own.  Anyways now here into the present, those group of men have made an impact in Southern Hip Hop and are now ready for there next arsenal of albums.  My favorite of the past time is back with an interview on his hiatus from Hip Hop, and I also will post the youtube links to the 2 songs he mentions in the interview.  Enjoy!

Juvenile XXL interview Link: Click Here

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