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Monday, July 06, 2009

JAY-Z VS THE GAME!!!!!!!!!!

Ok ok ok, so I know I'm posting on The Game 2 times in a row, but it has been a few days in between these posts. Anyways, Jay-Z has a freestyle out that is supposed to be on The Blueprint 3 which takes a shot at Jim Jones, The Game, and Dame Dash. Now The Game during a concert started yelling f*** Jay-Z comments to his crowd which is causing a little uproar here in the Hip Hop Blogosphere. Personally I feel with Mike Jax leaving and the slew of celebrity deaths, we don't need another battle especially with this one very close to the East Coast, West Coast thing. I know the elder's won't let this happen, but you do have to remember this is Jay-Z, and lately he has been speaking his mind. The question that comes to my mind seems to be that Jigga is responding four years later....

Jay-Z Unleashes Possible Blueprint 3 Freestyle | Hip Hop News >


  1. Well...its been a while since i came here....crazy summer!

    I see this situation goin on until both their albums are released...everyone using 50 formula..

  2. yo i agree with the 50 formula he is coming back and the game and jay need something too. i checked out your blog and love the new layout but i couldnt post on it. i hope you get everything going on it, it looks very nice.


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