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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mos Def: Real Talk

I labeled this post real talk because Mos Def in this article spoke about why he thought Jay-Z is not the greatest rapper alive. Now don't get me wrong, I like Jay-Z, but Mos Def's claim in this was that there are still legends that are alive. I think people forget that the 1980's rappers are still alive, and these days they get no respect. Guys like Slick Rick, and Rakim who were mentioned by Mos in this article are still fairly active, and they do deserve the respect from the younger generation when it comes to claims. One thing about Jay-Z though is, that he has been around since the early 90's so he does have history on his side, but maybe to end all this controversy is to let everyone go at it in a battle.

Wouldn't that be an event, Jigga, Wayne, Eminem, Slick Rick, Rakim, etc. going at it in a real life battle? Of course it won't happen, but it does raise an interesting question. All the things that people use to guage the best rapper might not even be relevant. I for one did an article with rap sales and thought about moving that forward, but then I thought to myself, with the times the technology has changed making it tougher to make a clear choice. The good thing about this is that people can choose who they want with the many rappers available, and for Mos speaking his mind, props.

Mos Def Questions Jigga As Best Rapper | Mos Def | Rap Basement

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