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Tuesday, May 05, 2009 Gives Full Scholarships?

This is great news and is true news about and what he did. According to the story, hooked up 4 students with full college scholarships after hearing their stories and struggles. When news about snitching and disses become more prominent, I want to share this with everyone along with the other news because I feel this is just as if not more important. These days when criticism is high about the content of music presented through an urban vision, provides us with hope. He isn't the only one who has made donations, and those who have should be recognized during the year. This isn't something celebrities should be ashamed of, and they should make sure the public knows they do more than rap there story, or other's stories. Provides Full Scholarships To Four Teens | Hip Hop News >

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  1. I agree with you. I'm growing tired of being bombarded by diss this and who is the bigger drug dealer when these squabbles aren't doing anything for the community. A lot of people do these kind of things too but I guess it doesn't bring traffic to their website, so they hardly publish them.


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