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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Snoop Dogg, ABC's

I'm back and I'm ready to get some posting started. I know a lot of the posts I will put up today will be from the past week, but I had to get my opinion out on some things I found interesting. This video right here is on Snoop and him singing the ABC's with some students. While Snoop was here at this school he gave words of encouragement, and tried to talk to the kids about some good things. Nice work Snoop, keep it up!


  1. welcome back....thought you took the wknd off...

    Good to see the other side of people...the media is too caught up in the negative sometimes...

  2. lol nah, yeah i liked this on snoop, maybe other rappers can bring in this kind of shine. Like u said in another comment, sites don't talk about this because it doesn't bring in the hits, but if it is positive exposure in the genre they cover, i think it is extremely important to talk about.


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