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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Eminem the Marketing Genius?

Well we all on the internet know how Eminem and his album 'Relapse' have had viral marketing for a few months now. From the fake rehabilitation center, to the twitter account, Interscope fed Eminem as much money as it seems to get him pushed as the biggest product of 2009. The result? We are still waiting on that but it seems like 500k records sold is a reality. I think with myspace, the mobile game, the candy pills, and other marketing tools Eminem has done what I had said earlier, and that is he changed how a rapper could market a cd. Right now, the old formula is being used and it isn't connecting with fans. If rappers can get some financial backing from the industry, and socially network, along with creating the album as an event I feel the sales will come. What if another rapper made an event after his rap title? Before I Self Destruct, LupEnd, BluePrint 3? Hey guys we might need some work on your album names.

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