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Monday, March 09, 2009

Chris Brown & Rihanna Again, and again, and again!

I feel like a celebrity gossip reporter now after all this Chris Brown Rihanna talk, and it keeps on getting more and more intense weekly. Since our nations recession isn't that big of a concern to many of us, let's focus on this celebrity drama a little bit longer. Chris Brown got charged with 2 felonies, and according to this article could face up to 4 years in prison. As I have a poll on the side specifically about this topic lol, CB's (Chris Brown's) career seems finished. Once considered the next Usher, this young man like many others felt untouchable, and basically got a real world check up. Rihanna on the other hand has been playing the I'm the innocent one role, which she is but you gotta question where she is coming from if she is willing to get back with this dude. Anywayz here is a article which talks about why both of these music superstar's careers could be over.


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