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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lloyd Banks Disses Rick Ross

Yea I know this song came out last week, but I had to talk about it. Everyone remembers the Boy Wonder from his first album in 2004 with the hits, On Fire, Warrior, and Karma but since then he has been on a downhill spiral. Banks has not done much when it comes to bad things, but the aggressiveness that he used to approach a track with seems like it's back. In his diss track Officer Down, Banks verbally assaults the Boss from the South like he wants to destroy him. Verse after verse the attacks continue and Banks ends the hurricane track with a punchline thats got the streets talkin, "50 bodied you, I just laid the chalk out." The fire and hunger for more seems like it has returned for Banks, and lets hope the creativity that he used to bring continues to reach new levels. If you want to check the track out it is available at

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